bramble, androids are everywhere (roundhere) wrote in hopeisimportant,
bramble, androids are everywhere

who's drumming on the american leg?

hi folks.

in my defense on asking this question, until this week i hadn't seen the band live since 2001 when they opened for placebo and i was just starting to get into them. and i was pretty far back from the stage.

so the question is, who's drumming on the american leg of the tour? i saw the band twice this week, and assumed (after roddy's mention of john ferguson in his diary on the official site) that colin newton was still on paternity leave. however, i find myself wondering if the drummer was actually just colin with a hair cut. i suppose i could have just asked him outside philly, but somehow that seems rude. "so. are you the tour drummer or did you just cut your hair?"

for the record, the nyc show was fantastic and the philadelphia show even moreso. if you live in the states and can get to a show, run, don't walk!
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