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MFL interview with IDLEWILD is TONIGHT!!

hello everyone,

we just wanted to pass on word that we now have an airdate for our interview with rod jones from IDLEWILD(http://www.idlewild.co.uk/). the interview was done in september in austin,texas at the parish. and will be broadcast tonight, friday night, november 18

you can listen in san antonio on krtu 91.7 and also online at http://www.krtu.org/ LIVE at 11:59 pm central time. for those of you in the UK the show will air LIVE saturday morning from 5:59 am to 9:00 am
our friend sarah took pictures of idlewild an the parish that night and you can find them here


we also have new adds this week from nine black alps,the subways,duels,oppenheimer,architecture in helsiniki,santa monica,model airplanes,kites with lights,and more!

you can send us an IM on AIM to music4listeners or call us on KRTU'S line at 210 - 999- 8313

thanks and we hope alot of you get to listen!

orly & michael



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