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on the back of the recording of the show in shetlands, I've recorded it to audio cd and I've also done a bside, rare and record only tracks that i havn't put on 3 cds if anyone wants copies

tracklisting is 69 tracks spread over 3 CD's

It's free..purley being generous.



Poor thing
The nothing that I know
a distant history
Actually its darkness
All this information
forgot to follow
great times wasted
Hpld onto your breath
I found that essance rare
meet me at the harbor
mince showercap pt I
mince showercap pt II
palace flophouse
pleasure and pain
the work we never do
theres glory in your story
dont let me change (this is repeated on the second disc, because I'm a fuckup)
The nothing I know (repeated, for the same reason)
you dont have the heart (live)


Love steals us (acoustic)
No Generation
Theory Of Acheivment
These are just years
We allways have to impress
West Haven
What am I going to do?
when the ship comes in
broken windows
1990 nightmare
chandalier (10:15 version)
Dont let me change (told you)
everything flows
I was made to think it
I'm happy to be here tonight (live)
It'll take a long time
last night I missed all the fireworks (live)
house alone
I want to be a writer
mince showercap Pt III
rusty (poor soldier remix)
this is worse


Queen of the troubled teens
Victory at sea (live)
Boys don't cry (live cover)
I've only just begun


Little discourage
you held the world in your arms
I'm a message
Idea track
these wooden ideas
american english
when i argue
century after century
happy to be here
stay the same
in remote part

Obviously, I don't wanna be copying and posting infinate copies of this for ever, so I suggest whoever wants it arranges a copy and postage chain. Agree? Lemme know

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Deleted comment

indeed :)
i'm a happy little lurker in this community, but i'd love a copy of the bsides if you're willing. i can do a bit of a trade if you'd like, but as i'm in the states, perhaps we should discuss it. please email me if you would. loria at walkunafraid dot net.

i'd also be willing to make copies for peeps in the states and canada if anyone here is interested.