orly (snorly) wrote in hopeisimportant,

all idlewild 3 hour radio show in america

hi everyone,

i dj at krtu 91.7 in san antonio and co host(along with my good friend michael) the show "music for listeners" every friday night at midnight.

i just wanted to let you know that we are going to be having a three hour all idlewild show on friday night september 16th, featuring songs from all of the bands albums,b sides,cover songs,acoustic versions, and more. this is being done in honor of the band playing the next night in austin,texas at the parish.

we will be interviewing roddy at the show the next night and we were thinking of having him read some poetry in one of the segments. any idea what we might have hiim read from?

we hope alot of you get to listen and i will post reminders at the beginning of next week and the day of the show.

you can listen live that night at http://www.krtu.org/


music for listeners

add us at myspace for show updates,playlists,and special guest information

597 friends and counting,,,,
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